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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Diabetes Among the Mayhem

So yes.....I have been slacking on the posts. But I do have a valid excuse if it helps. This month has just been absolutely crazy for me between my two jobs and preparing for my grade 8 RCM piano examination. I hardly had time to breathe let alone write blog posts. But now I'm back and today's theme is (surprise, surprise) being busy and managing diabetes. Now I would be lying if I told you that the summer I have been 100% on top of my diabetes 100% of the time. I will admit that I have been a little (just slightly) slack on some of my care. Not to the point where I have had any lows or serious highs, but just some bad habits that I need to fix before they become regulars on the diabetes train (a bit too corny maybe?). Most of these just happen to be giving my bolus injection after a meal, not doing ANY nighttime checks, and testing maybe 3 times a day (even though my doctors only tell me to do it 4 times each day, during the school year I was doing it up to 10 haha). So I made a "back to school resolution" to be more organized in everything I do, but especially in my diabetes maintenance. I feel like I need to curb bad habits early in the game rather than later when they will surely be much harder to stop. Wish me luck!

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