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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Camping and My Little Slip-Up

Being summer and all, my fam jam's and I have been trying to get out camping more. Up until now we had only gone one or two days without at least making a trip back into town for groceries, work, etc. But this time we decided to go way up north to our relatives ranch for four days straight. Now this may not seem like very long but you guys probably didn't make the same mistake I did......................... I forgot extra pen tips. :/

Now I remembered to pack extra insulin, extra glucose tablets, extra test strips, spare meter, carb counting book, log book, extra lancing device and lancets, etc. I even brought my sharps bin! I just forgot one of the most vital items to a diabetic after their glucose meter and insulin. And without these little pen tips I wouldn't even even be able to access the latter.

So now I'm being forced to alcohol swab and reuse the pen tips I do have. Kind of a no-no but better than not taking my insulin at all right? This just goes to show that you really have to triple and quadruple check your supplies before you hit the road. I'm definitely making a check list for next time. Happy camping!!!


  1. A very informative blog Hanna. I am very impressed with how you are educating yourself and others with this. Love GranYvonne

  2. Thanks granny!!! I really appreciate that you are taking time out to visit my blog and read the posts. xx