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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ultimatum From Hell: Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat

With almost all foods nowadays having a "low-fat", "non-fat", "fat-free" or "light" version available, one might be tricked into thinking these are the perfect way to still enjoy all the things they typically eat while being able to shed the pounds. Makes sense right? Less fat you eat the less gets stored in your body. Well unfortunately this may not be the case for people on insulin. Be very wary my diabetic friends of so called fat-free products. Yes it's true, they do contain less fat than the original product. But I invite you to let your eyes wander just a little bit further down the nutrition label. Have a good hard look at the carb count. Allow yourself to look again at the fat, now again to the carbs. More often than not, items that are advertised as fat free will have more carbohydrates per serving thn their fatty counterparts. This is because the makers of the product will often add more sugar to make up for the flavor lost when the fat was removed. This is especially true for things like sour cream, cream cheese, chip dips, and milk. For type 1's and some type 2's that means more insulin. And insulin is often associated with weight gain. So for us diabetics this is kind of a lose-lose situation. Eat the fatty version which can make you gain weight? OR Eat the non-fat version, which means more insulin, which can also make you gain weight? Bleh, this blows.

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