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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Three year "Diaversary", Back Country Skiing, and Keeping Up With The Boys

***Old unpublished post from 04/15/2015***

When April the 15th comes around each year, I usually spend at least part of the day thinking back to where I was at this time in 2012. This is of course the day where I was officially diagnosed with type 1. I'm not a fan of clich├ęs but for lack of better words, life as I knew it changed forever. (I won't go into detail about the events because I already outlined them in my very first post on this blog.  If you're interested in reading about it here: http://hannathepancreaticallychallenged.blogspot.ca/2012/05/diagnosis.html?m=1 )

Despite the fact that diabetes is fairly unpleasant most of the time, I often use April 15th as a time to celebrate and reflect on the years of good health that I've achieved regardless of the obstacles. I am so grateful that I have access to the technology that I do and how it essentially acts as my "life support" on a daily basis.  I consider myself very lucky to be born in a time where insulin exists and type 1 diabetes is no longer considered a death sentence. I'm thankful that I was diagnosed a little bit later than most and that I was able to enjoy a childhood sans diabetes. I'm fortunate enough to have good insurance that covers my supplies, and so very blessed to family that supports me and is always there when I need them. 

This year I spent my "Diaversary" skiing in the Rocky Mountains with a few guy friends. The fellas were all avid skiers/ snowboarders and despite the fact that I am a total snow bunny, I had never tried my hand at back country skiing. I love adventure and am a bit of an adrenaline junkie so when the opportunity arose to tackle Wawa ridge, I eagerly jumped on it. The experience consisted of: 

1.) an hour and a half uphill hike in ski boots whilst carrying my not-so-lightweight ski gear, 

2.) a rather terrifying plummet in two foot powder that skillfully masked rocks of death and destruction, 

and lastly,

3.) a roller coaster ride through a backcountry terrain park from hell in which trees tried to jump out and kill me at ever turn.


Also, I'm very proud to report that I didn't face plant once! Girls can do anything boys can do! And we do it while looking fierce, fresh and fabulous..........aaaand sometimes with defunct organs. ;)

Was the experience difficult and way above my level of expertise? Yes. Do I regret it? No. Would I back country ski again? Absolutely. Just maybe an easier route first. ;)

I am planning on writing a post at some point on the logistics of skiing with diabetes as there are some tips and tricks that I've picked up to make the experience more enjoyable.

A Dutchman, a Brit, and a Kiwi walk up a ridge.......doesn't that just sound like the beginning of a bad joke? ;)

Peace and love everyone!

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