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Monday, June 25, 2012

GRRRR!!!! Yet Another Challenge in my Already Hectic Life

Hahaha now THIS would be so useful!!!
So as mentioned briefly in my last blog, I am currently preparing for my class 5 road test (drivers license). I have had my learners for a year and a half now and I'm just tired of waiting! I'm scheduled to do my test tomorrow but just yesterday I thought "hold the phone. I have diabetes now, this changes things." So in a panic I started doing some research to see what the conditions were, what I had to do, etc. I freaked out when I saw a European article where there was talk about a new law not allowing diabetics to drive if they have  two or more hypos a year. TWO! And that includes while they're sleeping!!! I also posted on some diabetes forums to ask if people knew the protocol but it nobody really knew for my area. After some extensive searching I found that in Alberta, apparently all you need is a medical screening saying that you're okay to drive. This alone bummed me out because I though that I was going to have to completely reschedule my test because it would have taken forever for me to get in to see my doctor. Luckily though I called the agency where I was planning to sit (drive?) the exam. I'm allowed to take the exam but if I pass then I will need to have that screening filled out and sent in before they can re-class my license. Bummer, but at least I get to do my test. Wish me luck!!!

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