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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shout Out To The Type 3's - A.K.A The Parents

     Can you imagine, having your infant baby so sick and losing weight and and crying all the time? Or your 7 year old always home ill and away from his all his friends. Or your teenager failing classes because they're missing so much school and are always so tired. Then getting so worried that you finally take them to the doctor's/ ER and are told that they will never be like normal children again. That they will have to take daily shots and prick their fingers for the rest of their lives just so that they can live. That you, as a parent might have to be the one to do it for them if they can't do it themselves. No parent wants to cause their children pain.....

     Often it is harder on the parent's then it is on the children with diabetes. I remember at my diagnosis I didn't cry at all. I was scared a little bit, but I didn't really feel any different after they brought my blood sugar back on. My mum (and my dad a little bit) were not quite as calm about it. My mother, while in tears, told me multiple times that she wished she could be the one to have the disease, that if she could take it from me she would. That she would take the 4+ needles a day and the finger pricks if it meant that I didn't have to...

     So this is just a shout out to every kids (whether diabetic or not) parent's. They are our biggest fans and would literally do anything for us. Love you lot's Mum and Dad xoxoxoxo.... <3

p.s I found this video on YouTube and thought it was absolutely brilliant!

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