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Saturday, June 16, 2012


So I'm out for a midnight run to McDonald's with a bunch of my friends and I saw this girl there that I was acquaintances with. I went over to say hi and catch up because I hadn't seen her in awhile. We were sitting at one of the tables and she asked me if I was buying anything else. I responded with "No I have to be careful about what I eat because I've got diabetes." She just looked at me dumbstruck and was like "You have diabetes? Me too!" I hadn't known this fact about her before and because I have only been a diabetic for 8 weeks and I hadn't seen her since then and the topic of diabetes had never come up. We went on to have a huge conversation and yes, it came to us excitedly showing off our meters and insulin pens to each other. Some of my other friends walked in and I was literally jumping up and down and pretty much yelled "She has diabetes too!" Everyone in McDonald's must have thought we were insane. But then again it was the middle of the night and it was mostly filled with teenagers. She was just as excited as me because she also thought that she was the only one in our town that was our age who had type 1.

But hang on, here's the craziest part. About an hour later after this girl had left, I was still at McDonald's talking with my other group of friends and one of their friends who I'd never met before. My friend Lara and I were just getting up to go home and I was still talking about how excited I was that I had met another diabetic. Anyway, this girl that my friends brought with them looked up at me and said "Wait, you have diabetes? Same here!" Well to say the least my mind was blown. I looked to Lara who was getting ready to drive me home and just said "Well we can't leave now!" Same story as before. We talked about our diagnosis and experiences. This one girl had had a couple runs of DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) just like I had when I was first diagnosed.

 My excitement was through the roof. I mean, what are the chances that I had never met another T1D and I meet TWO my age in the space of about two hours at the same place? It was so neat to talk to people who had to go through the same stuff as me and who completely understood. We must have looked like losers showing and comparing our meters and medical alert bracelets but to be honest it was so awesome to be able to see that someone else other than myself had to live with this condition on a daily basis. Although neither one of these girls goes to my school, I have swapped numbers with them and we have been talking non stop since last night. I guess they're right when they say "you're not alone".

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