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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thank You to Everyone Who Donated!!!

This is just a quick little post to thank those people who donated to the Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes that happened today. I will put up a full post tomorrow when I can upload the pictures and videos from the walk. This is a shout out to the following people who donated to my team.

                                                                    -Rick Brilz
-Trudy Chapman
-Daphne ter Kuile
-Janifer Calvez
-Siqueria family
-Susan Sosick  and family
-Kerri Lockwood
-Robin Greenwood
-Reid Mercer
-Dave Kennady
-Gord McCulloch
-Max Zbrodoff
-Teresa Fowell
-Pat and George Taylor
-Angela Haworth
-Chalane Potaka
-Patrick McMillan
-Kayla Hickey
-Dale and Brian Fea
-Cheryl Taylor and Owen Key
-Chris Burke
                                                                   -Andrea Vaney

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