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Sunday, May 13, 2012

3 AM Blood Glucose Checks :/

Tonight is one of those nights. Yup you know the kind. The kind where you're not only going to have to wake up dead in the middle of the night but also have to get blinded by your overhead light while you proceed to stab your finger with a lancet. It's TEST NIGHT! Blahhhh...

So I do "Test Night" probably about 1-2 times a week. I try to pick nights where I have done a lot of activity in the daytime and when I'm not going to need to be up super early the next day. Although I hate them, I can understand why they're necessary. About 40% out of all the nighttime checks I've done, I've been low. I have since adjusted my insulin dosage and somewhat fixed this (keep in mind that I am still in the honeymoon phase so my pancreas hasn't fully crapped out on me yet). But alas..........I'm going to bed now.......SWEET DREAMS!!!!

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