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Friday, May 11, 2012

Misconceptions and Things People Say That Annoy Me!!

After only having Type 1 for less than a month, I am already completely sick and tired of all the misconceptions people have about juvenile diabetes. And I'm actually not annoyed super easily. I can respect that people may not know everything about my condition, I also think that we need to be educating the general public a lot more than we are. Some of these misconceptions are as follows...

1.) "Were you addicted to sugar before you were diagnosed?"
     -_- No. Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease. Meaning......a) it is not preventable. There was nothing I could have done to prevent it. It's in my genetics. b.) My immune system turned on my pancreas and attacked the beta cells which produce insulin. c.) It has nothing to do with my diet or because I'm obese (which I am not).

2.) "That's the kind you're born with right?"
          Again, no. Although some people are diagnosed with Type 1 at a very young age, very few people are born with it. Actually I don't even know if that's possible. I was diagnosed a month before my 17th birthday. Which means there is a very significant part of my life where I did not have diabetes.

3.) "Type 1's take insulin and Type 2's don't."
          Nope. Type 1's have to take insulin to live. Type 2's can sometimes control their condition with diet and exercise but some also need to take insulin as well.

4.) "My uncle has diabetes. He was on insulin for awhile but the doctor said he could go off of it. You could probably do that too one day."
          *Facepalm. He is Type 2. If I went off insulin I would die.

5.) "Are you supposed to be eating that?" (I find this one comes from my teachers when they see me walking around with cookies)
           YES I CAN BLOODY WELL EAT THIS! Honestly. This one annoys me the most. I think I know how to handle my own diabetes thanks. I am in fact the one living with it. Not you so mind your own business. I can eat whatever I bloody well want to. I just have to maintain portion control and count the carbs.

6.) "I'm scared to drive in a car with you. You're diabetic, we might crash." (Coming from my friends)
           Get real. I have excellent control of my diabetes. And to be honest, I am a much better driver than all of you anyway.

7.) "SHE'S STABBING HERSELF!!!" (In class while I'm trying to discreetly check my BG)
          Okay this one's not a misconception it's just annoying.

8.) "OH MY GOD CAN I DO IT TO YOU!?!?" (In the bathroom while trying to give myself and insulin injection)
          No you can't do it!

9.) "Do you like giving yourself needles?"
         Why yes I do. I love it. In fact I really wish I could give myself more! (**sense the sarcasm?)

10.) "I'm so glad I don't have diabetes."
           Well thank-you for making me feel so much better about myself. -_-

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