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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why Are There Never Any Diabetic Support Groups?

     I'm sure they're out there, but somehow I have yet to come accross a diabetes support group in my area. It would be so neat if there was a group that could meet up every so often and talk about things going on in their lives. Even better if there were groups for teenagers and young adults. I'm 17 and no word of a lie, I am the only type 1 diabetic I know.  

     In my town of 24 000 people there are two highschools (both of which I have attended). One has a student body of 1000 and the school I'm at now has 800. I know for a fact that in my current school I am the only student with type 1. According to the guidance counselor, there was only one other fellow who had been in that school an he graduated three years ago.

     We live pretty close to a city of about a million people so I'm sure there are others around. I just think that it would be the coolest thing to be able to share stories and tips with other people your own age who are in the same position as you. Who knows....maybe I'll just start one. :D

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