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Friday, May 11, 2012

Diabetic Alert Dogs. WANT WANT WANT!!!

WillowSo I was really skeptical when I first cam across an article on a diabetic alert dog. I didn't actually think that they would be able to aid a diabetic in any way. But upon further research I have discovered that they could potentially save a diabetic's life. These dogs have been trained to sniff out your high and low blood sugars, and alert you to it before it becomes a problem. Perfect for people who are unaware of their bodies or for the nighttime when you're asleep. And of course because they are medical assistance dogs they are allowed by law, to go anywhere you go (an excuse for me to take a dog into residence when I go to university haha). All I can say is that when I move out of the house and away from my parents, a dog like this would give me assurance and peace of mind for when I'm on my own. Unfortunately though, they are worth a small fortune. I guess I better start saving now!


  1. Cool blog. I'd like a diabetic dog too, but my poodle would scare it to death!

  2. hahaha. thats unfortunate. most alert dogs are pretty good at staying calm and just focusing on their job though. best of luck! :-)