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Friday, May 11, 2012

Why Isn't There Just a Meter That Does It All?!

So I'm still currently on the meter that I got given at the hospital. It's the Freestyle Lite from Abbot. I actually really like it. It's a simple little thing that is easy to use and has a couple cool little features. Plus I really like the fact that the port is at the bottom. I don't know why but I just don't like it at the top. The only other meter I have used is the OneTouch UltraMini which I got sent in the mail. I've been shopping around for my next possible meter and I've found that although there are a lot of ones that have great features, there's not one that just "does it all". Below is what I think would be the ultimate meter (also one that I would pay good money for).

1.) Telcare

By far one of the most technologically advanced meters I have found on the market. I haven't found a whole lot of information on it because it's relatively new. But what I did learn was that Telcare actually transmits wirelessly over a cellular network (at no charge to you). When you test the results can be sent to your computer, iDevice, even as a text to your family members. The data is also sent to a private online database that can be accessed by you, your family, and your doctors. No more writing in log books!


2.) FreeStyle Lite

This is my current meter as I said above I really like it. It's really small and compact which makes it easy to carry around and for a tiny meter it's got some great features. For example it's one of few meters that I've found that not only has a back light but also a light in the test strip port which makes nighttime testing a breeze (I mean I really enjoy not having to actually get out of bed to turn my overhead light on at 3AM). To be honest I don't understand why all meters don't include this feature. You can also set up to four alarms on it at different volumes. Another really cool thing about the Freestyle is that it requires the smallest amount of blood to complete a test (only 0.3 microlitres) and if you don't put enough on the first go around you have to option to add more for up to 60 seconds. No more wasted test strips! (Because we all know how fricken expensive they are).


3.) Accu-Chek Mobile
Strip-free testing. Hallelujah! I don't know about anyone else but I get really annoyed when I'm cleaning out my purse and I literally find used test strips by the handful. This glucose meter has a little cassette that you change once every 50 tests! Plus you can just clip your lancing device into the side for an all-in-one meter. Cool!


4.) Precision Xtra
This one not only offers blood glucose monitoring but also has a different set of strips to check for ketones. Perfect for the diabetics that want to know exactly whats going on in their bodies. You get two features in one.


5.) FreeStyle InsuLinx 
Based on insulin-pump technology, the InsuLinx can recommend the amount of insulin you should take based on your BG reading. It also logs your data and gives you weekly messages to help you identify patterns in your glucose levels. What's also nice is that it's a touchscreen. This one is perfect for those who are one multiple daily injections but who want the control that a pump would give them. You can even upload your own photo for the background.


6.) OneTouch Ping
Unfortunately, this one is restricted only to those who have the OneTouch Ping insulin pump. But all the same it's got some really neat things on it. Of course it transmits wirelessly with the pump by allowing you to bolus without you needing to take the actual device out of your pocket of wherever you may be stowing it. I has a huge food base with brand name foods that you can select and it will count up your carbs for you. It also allows you to store some of your own foods which may not be on the list. I calculates the amount of insulin you take and can really fine tune your dosages.

Now if only all of these features could come on a meter remote that transmits wirelessly to an insulin pump I would be 100% sold.

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