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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Diabetic YouTuber's I Love

So I thought that I would make a post on some YouTuber's that I found while doing research after I first got diagnosed. In no particular order here they are.

1.) Kerri Sparling on the "insulivin" channel. (All the video's on this channel are great but I like hers especially). She has a terrific and quirky personality and is really informative. She also has videos on what it is like to be pregnant as a T1D (Type 1 Diabetic).

2.) Bill from "1HappyDiabetic" This guy is hilarious and just has the best outlook on life despite his diabetes. He is really inspirational and posts great videos with tons of awesome tips.

3.) Danica from "DiabeticDanica" Danica gives you tips on everything from site changes to information about insulin pumps etc. She also has a series on her channel about misconceptions related to Type 1 diabetes. She is also really funny.

4.) Alissa Evelyn from "notjustapples" Alissa gives you a lot of info on the basics of living with diabetes. She takes peoples questions and answers them right on her videos. She also mentions all the pros and cons of insulin pumps and MDI's (multiple daily injections) for those looking to try them out. She has great recipes on her channel too.

5.) Julie and Nikki from "pumpwear" This mother and daughter duo have a multitude of great videos that provide tips (or tidbit's as they like to call them) and ideas for storing your pump/ supplies. They own an online store called pumpwear.com where they sell hundreds of products that are diabetes related. This channel is great for anyone who is raising diabetic children and looking for tips. (No one knows better than Julie who has three diabetic kids!)

6.) Cassie from "qtcassie220" Abundance of videos from tips and tricks to parents and friends reactions. etc.

If I find more then I will add a part 2!

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